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Step-By-Step Guide to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend or Ex-Girlfriend Back After a Break-Up

Step-By-Step Guide to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend or Ex-Girlfriend Back After a Break-Up Step-By-Step Guide to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend or Ex-G...

Step-By-Step Guide to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend or Ex-Girlfriend Back After a Break-Up

Step-By-Step Guide to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend or Ex-Girlfriend Back After a Break-Up
Step-By-Step Guide to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend or Ex-Girlfriend Back After a Break-Up

Here is a simple step-by-step guide for getting your ex back in your life and keep him there!

Getting your ex back is not as difficult as it seems, especially if you implement the following strategy or version thereof.

Every day countless women get chances to reunite with their ex, only to have the same behavioral patterns that destroyed their relationships creep back up and destroy everything again. We don't want this to happen you!

Until you address the issues that cause your problems more deeply, your problems will repeat themselves ruining any future chances you may have had with your ex.

Here is a strategy to getting and keeping your ex as your number one admirer forever.

In order to get your ex back you need to keep a level head and not let your confusion or painful emotions from the breakup make you miserable and knock you off your game.

With a step-by-step guide you will know what to do and how to do it and that is half the battle when you are in emotionally charged moments in life. Having a step-by-step guided plan will help you feel in control and confident (because you know what you are doing and are following a specific plan) which will attract your ex even more than ever! Having a plan helps you avoid confusion and achieve your goals without the emotions from the breakup clouding your success!

Step-By-Step Guide to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend or Ex-Girlfriend Back After a Break-Up
Step-By-Step Guide to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend or Ex-Girlfriend Back After a Break-Up

Step 1

No Contact - Do not contact your ex. This is very straight forward. It means do not text your ex, do not call your ex, do not contact your ex online in any way including email and social media, do not even try telepathy with your ex. Just let it sit for a second while you grow your own power back, then strike.

If you are still in contact with your ex on social media or messaging services which allow your ex to see when you read their messages, stop reading the messages if possible. Make your messaging program show your ex that you did not read their message yet. This will really freak out your ex because they like to assume you are chomping at the bit to hear from them... This says more than you know without saying anything at all. Do this for as long as you can.

If you work with your ex or have to see them regularly but are not forced to talk to or spend time with them, then smile. That is the best thing you can do. Smile when you know they are looking. Smile when you accidentally look at them (but try not to do that). Then make sure that if you are approached by them after they see you smiling, that you politely end the conversation as soon as you can. Don't give any details about what you are going to do with the rest of your day either. Just smile and avoid them. Pretend you just had the night of your life even if you just cried to your teddy bear all night.

Step 2

Care as Little as Possible About Anything Remotely Related to Your Ex. Caring is creepy now so stop caring asap (or at least pretend you don't care which means no contact of any means because why would you contact your ex if you don't care? Wouldn't someone who doesn't care about something or someone specific have other things to think about? And we want your ex to believe you don't care anymore so they freak out and realize they really want you to care and don't want to live in a world where you don't care about them. That is our goal. Sometimes we do things that seem opposite of our goals in order to accomplish them. Think of the cruelty you are about to inflict on your ex as a something for which they will later thank you after they realize they almost lost you and you almost stopped caring. Freak them out this way and they will race back into your arms faster than you would believe.

Step 3

Be as Distracted as Possible - Do anything but worry about your ex. I know that seems impossible so just do as much as you can do while you secretly worry about your ex but at least try not to keep it on the top of your thoughts. Just remember to be into the strategy instead of the goal right now. Stay distracted with only things that improve your life whether it is going to a new yoga class, going back to the gym, finding a new hike to take your dog and posting outdoorsy selfies as if someone else took them.

Step 4

Make Sure You Don't Spend Any Time Indoors Unless You Are Asleep. Make your life stronger however you do it. Think back to when you were single before, or from your younger years when you had things you liked to do just for you... and start doing those things again now. This will remind you of who you are without your ex attached to your personality. When you remember what you like to do, and go do it, you become immediately much stronger and a much more likely competitor to win back your ex. Don't act like you are suddenly into all these new things either. Just act like you are just doing you... like you've always done. You are setting the stage for the potential future conversation with your ex but you are also remembering who you are which is even more valuable than having your ex in your life.

Step 5

Contact Your Friend From Your Favorite Part of Your Life So Far- Contact a friend who knows you are awesome and listen to them when they tell you so! Let spending time with them strengthen your memory of who you really are and remind you have done fun awesome things with other people who matter to you and to whom you matter a lot. Let contacting them remind you that you are not the crazy one for feeling blue. Let it remind you that other people love you a lot and don't think you are needy or crazy or any of that breaking up negativity. Nobody can stand that feeling and neither can you. Let your friend who knows who you really are remind you of that and regain your strength and belief in your own thoughts, ideas and self worth.

Step 6

Hit the Gym. This is a no brainier. The more healthy and glowing you are when you see your ex again the better. Health is wealth and life is the most important thing you have. Make it a ritual! Remember to smile!

Step 7

Be a part of a social group. If you cannot do that then look to your past and reconnect with a social group you have been a part of in the past. Talk to someone who was or still is your friend at your favorite most happy part of life; someone who thought you were awesome; someone who really does know you. Reground yourself and reconnect to the world. This will make you more powerful than you know and more able to take this time away from your ex to grow yourself back into your own individual awesomeness.

Step 8

Decide If You Really Want Your Ex Back- After you take the above 5 steps to get your ex back for at least a month or two, you will be in a much more powerful position to decide what you truly want. You may find you are more fulfilled by doing you and may have even come across some even better options for people with whom to spend your time. Perhaps just enjoy the freedom of running your own day and doing the thing you like to do instead of always compromising. The point is to take control and regain your independent thought. This is the most attractive thing you can do.

There are also many guides and programs available online to get your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend back. When I was going through a similar situation with my significant other I shuffled through several of them finding several really valuable programs and guides. I did not know if they would help but in the end I gave them a chance and boy was I glad I did because the strategies really did work.

We were at the point of no return. I had embarrassed myself by being very needy and really had that feeling when you know you cannot fix it.

I really needed to know exactly what magic words to say to my ex to get their attention and to change the feeling my ex was having to a feeling that was more in love with me than ever.

The reason I chose to follow this program above the rest is because it actually gives you the words to use. They even give you a letter to send your ex which was the most amazing part of the program because to my disbelief, it worked! My ex tried to talk to me again and even brought a Christmas present to work for me and stalked me at work in front of everyone after they read it.

I suggest waiting until the no contact period has expired before sending such a letter to avoid still appearing needy and crazy. If it worked in my hopeless situation, I'd say you've got a decent shot, whomever you are. Good luck and God Bless! And remember Just do you and the rest will follow!

Step-By-Step Guide to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend or Ex-Girlfriend Back After a Break-Up

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